Hearty harvest breakfast

I’m the sort of girl who needs a big hearty breakfast to get me going, so every morning, I cook a bowlful of porridge oats and milk to munch on before heading off to work. It’s especially marvellous at this time of year because I can sprinkle on foraged fruits for an extra-delicious start to the day.

There’s a blackberry patch hidden around the back of my block of flats from which I pick large tupperware loads of berries. I then freeze the blackberries, ready for my harvest breakfast. While the porridge is cooking, I dice and core an apple donated by a generous friend struggling with a super-glut from her apple trees. I then mix the apple pieces and a handful of blackberries, along with a dash of cinnamon, into the porridge.

I love the way the frozen berries mist up as they hit the hot porridge, and then streak the whole dish with purple trails. They add a lovely tangy edge to the breakfast. I almost (almost) look forward to waking up early when I’ve got this hearty first meal waiting for me.

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  1. Tracy M

    A good hearty breakfast i also need to get me started. I eat porriage in the winter but I don’t remember to add fruit have to try this.


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