Balcony inspiration

As I create my own stylish balcony oasis, I’ve been hunting down super-cool balcony ideas to inspire me. Here are some of the best balcony garden ideas out there:

Fancy a little bit more privacy on your balcony? Apartment Therapy found this gorgeous fabric-lined perch high in the sky.

This balcony has its very own growing canopy.

Ossan has transformed the balcony on his flat in Tokyo into a delicate leafy paradise.

Isabelle Palmer has packed her London balcony with herbs and flowers. You can read more about this garden here.

My own fire escape in my last garden played host to tomato and chard plants in stainless steel planters. My tastes have moved on from stainless steel, but the bright colours and repetitive planting are still some of my favourite ways of making a balcony look beautiful.

These lettuces grown by Liza Daly also follow the repetition rule. Clean, neat, and no mess: that’s what we like. Liza has also collected terracotta pots together on staging on her balcony for a sweet look:

This kind of higgledy-piggledy arrangement works best when you have only a couple of different types of container, showcased beautifully by F&F’s talented Ken Marten in this recycled flower arrangement.

Sadly my balcony isn’t this big, but if it was, I’d be snapping up that big white sofa too.

Have you got your own balcony garden? Post links to your own blogs or favourite snaps of other people’s balconies in the comments below.

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  1. Sheona B

    gorgeous! Have been meaning to say that you are my favourite gardening blog these days. You are so inspiring and thoughtful and well written. Every day I get a new email from your blog and it brightens my day. Thank you for all your hard work and creativity. Sho x


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