The twilight balcony

As many long-serving Fennel & Fern readers know, this blog is far from my full-time job. I actually have a mad, marvellous career in Westminster that involves a lot of writing, a lot of interviewing government ministers, MPs, and secret sources, and a lot of late nights. This means that I don’t always spend that much time on my balcony during the day, and sometimes all I want to do at the end of a long day is collapse on a large cushion in the middle of my little twilight oasis in the sky with a book and a glass of wine, and relax.

To make the balcony all the more secret and lovely as I sit there in the twilight, I always light little tea lights and candles in lanterns and place them around the fruit cases and pots. These lanterns (in front of the coolest ever planter from Plantabox that I am dying to tell you all about) were £1 each from my local pound shop, and look so lovely twinkling away as the evening dies.

Next year, I have even bigger plans for my twilight balcony. I’ll be sowing night-scented plants like the evening stock plants in pots and in the windowboxes that will be running around the three sides of the balcony,  especially for their night scent.

Image copyright cobalt123

The best night-scented plants:

Evening stock
Evening primroses
Nicotiana sylvestris
Zaluzianskya ovata
Caryopteris x clandonensis
Jasminum officinale

If you’re keen to find out even more about creating a gorgeous twilight gardener, get your hands on a copy of Twilight Garden by Lia Leendertz.

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  1. linda penney

    what a lovely read i’m sure your all at peace on your balcony in the evenings and what lovely smells will be coming from there next year
    happy gardening when your work allowes it
    from Linda


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