Storing pumpkins

F&F member Julie Knight teaches readers to store pumpkins for a delicious winter.

The mid-morning sun may be rallying still but I think we all know that winter is just around the corner.

Winter squash and pumpkins need a little forethought and preparation if they’re going to last well in storage and provide you with warm and comforting meals over the next few months.

Leave the fruits on the plants for as long as you can, keeping an eye on overnight temperatures – below 10ºC and you should bring them in. If possible, keep them in a greenhouse or cold frame for at least 10 days. This will ‘cure’ the skin, forming a moisture-proof barrier, keeping damp out and flavour in. Once cured, store in a cool dry dark place – the shed/garage, back of a cupboard, loft, etc – and in the meantime, get reading those recipe books.

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