The all-new gardengrab

Have you seen the all-new, freshly re-launched gardengrab? If you haven’t, prepare to be stunned.

We were happy with the last gardengrab site, but we weren’t ecstatic. And so this winter we decided to redesign it with extra bells and whistles and cool features.

When you visit, you’ll see that our front page is now so dynamic that the pictures almost dance right off the screen into your sitting room.

You also get a much closer look at the blog you are about to read before you click on the image preview and go to the post. And it’s fun.

The other really superb thing about this new site is that it means that moderating the running gardengrab is super-quick. Which is good, because no-one really has time on their hands for faffing around. There is also an easy-to-view version for the iPhone, and we’ll tweet every time a new entry goes up to give you maximum exposure.

So now, if you upload your blogpost to the site, it will go up even quicker, and it is easier to find your posts as well. Remember to tell all your fellow bloggers about gardengrab to spread the love: this is a free site which is advert-free, and is run entirely with the garden blogging community in mind. It’s your site: enjoy it.

Go straight to the new gardengrab site now.

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