Coming to the end

So, I’ve nearly come to the end of my garden redesign. Some things worked out better than others. I’m now poring over furniture catalogues to work out when might work best in the garden, as currently we only have a nasty rickety bench to sit down on. One of these days, I’ll sit on it, and I’ll fall through the rotting slats onto the ground. Not a pleasant prospect.

Fed up with traipsing around endless garden centres (panpipe music and terrifying resin fairy statues, anyone?), I’ve started shopping online, and I am starting to get mildly obsessed with the Bridgman website. They sell gorgeous luxury garden furniture, and I’ve found myself looking at the site every evening when I get home from work (If you think I’m sad, you should meet my partner, who bounds home and reads the Rightmove site  – we’ve just moved! – and the Daily Mail gossip pages).

I’ll be honest: I have this vision of me in a really rather splendid dress, tanned legs and arms, striding out into the garden to serve a group of cheery guests tea as they sit on our achingly stylish patio furniture, adorned with a jug of sweet peas. The reality will be us hunched up in our jumpers as the rain threatens, eating a takeaway pizza, but it’s good to dream, huh?

I’m also considering rattan-effect garden furniture, which has a slightly we-have-time-to-read-the-Sunday-papers air to it. Obviously I don’t have time to read the Sunday papers, but if a garden redesign isn’t an attempt to fool friends, family and neighbours that I’m a domestic goddess, then I don’t know what is.

Speaking of being (or not being, depending on how committed you are to that thing called truth) a domestic goddess, I’ve decided I’m also going to have windowboxes full of strawberry and herb plants out the front of the house. I’ve picked rosemary to go with the strawberries, not just because the dark green leaves will look just perfect as a foil to the bouncy red fruits, but also because it means the windowboxes will always look neat and full, even when the strawberries have done their fruiting thing and are chilling out a bit. Domestic goddess, here we come…

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