Five ways with kale

Five top recipes for cooking that superb and glamorous winter vegetable, kale:

1. Kale with mushroom and kale pesto

Alternate different coloured kale leaves for a bright and tasty salad. Read more at Scandi Kitchen.

2. Kale chips

A cooler and healthier snack than potato crisps. Read more at weheartfood.

3. Apple ginger kale juice

Alright, so this will only appeal to the Juice Brigade, but if you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll be left feeling perky and ready to take on the day. Read more at Whole Family Fare.

4. Kale rolls with quinoa and chickpea stuffing

This looks good and tastes comforting too. A perfect alternative side dish at a cool Sunday roast. Read more at Scandi Foodie.

5. Quiche with kale and bacon

Nasty quiche is miserable. But top-quality quiche can blow your socks off in surprise. So cook this scrumptious recipe. Read more at In Erika’s Kitchen.

To learn how to grow kale, read the Good Growing Guide.

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