Komatsuna is an oriental salad leaf with a fantastic flavour and texture.

I’d never grown komatsuna before. In fact, until I started the 52-week salad challenge, I’d never really heard of it.

Week 18

I may only have a small balcony, but I am already starting to harvest an impressive amount of salad from my containers. The endless rain of recent weeks has made the plants bigger and juicier than I had expected, and they are rapidly regrowing as I pick their larger leaves.

komatsuna salad

I started these komatsuna leaves off inside in plugs, and as soon as the weather improved a little, I planted them out in a homemade crate. Komatsuna is an oriental vegetable related to pak choi that can be eaten as a salad leaf or grown on to maturity and used much like chard.

As a raw salad leaf, this plant is gorgeous. It has a wonderful warm flavour, and is crisp and crunchy. Within just a week or so of eating, it has shot into my list of favourite salads. It also looks pretty fetching, too.


This week I sowed

More pak choi (as I forgot about the last batch and, er, killed it), and red Russian kale.

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