The prettiest vegetable flower, ever

Snake gourds bear the sweetest white filigree flowers.

See these flowers? They belong to a gourd. Their home is in the vegetable patch, but they’re worth more than that. There’s nothing workmanlike about their abundant, generously frilly edges, or even their pure white colouring.

Image by Shikigami

You can use the snake gourds that these incredible blooms turn into in curries and stews, or as ornaments in your home, if you are that way inclined.

snake gourd flower by Kai Yan, Joseph Wong

Image by Kai Yan, Joseph Wong

Sow the seeds in a propagator in mid-April, and plant out in early June once the frosts have stopped in rich soil. Protect from slugs and snails (you can use this method). You can also train the plants up obelisks or over arches.

snake gourd flower by Anu Durairajan

Image by Anu Durairajan

Have a look at our list of beautiful vegetable flowers to make your plot as elegant as can be.

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  1. Alice Rognvaldson Panagopoulos

    Those are beautiful! Are the flowers edible too? They would look gorgeous on a salad…


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