Birdhouses for Birds who love birds

Sarah Bird comes across a funky birdhouse maker.

Now then, of course I didn’t marry my husband for his surname. And actually I really did love my maiden name. But one of the bonuses of going from ‘Beer’ to ‘Bird’ is that it becomes much easier to accessorize according to your name. Birds seem to be in fashion at the moment, featured on everything from mugs to cushions to dresses. I can’t remember the last time beer was being used as an interior design theme.

So when we came across these quirky birdhouses by All Unique Birdcrafts, we decided it would be an appropriate way to celebrate our first year anniversary of being Mr and Mrs Bird. We bought quite a simple design in the end, but the full range was on display at the Barnstaple Pannier Market, and can also be ordered from their website.

All Unique Bird Crafts is a small cottage business run by Bruce and Mary Young, specialising in designing and building birdhouses, nesting boxes and feeders of all shapes and sizes.

Mary says: “Our business started in 2008, basically as a hobby, making whacky bird houses with a quirky difference which are also attractive garden ornaments.  Our ideas have progressed into aeroplane feeders which are quite popular and also our new line of funny bugs (no picture available at present). Each birdhouse is unique and we can accommodate special requests.”

Unique indeed. The birdhouses are a great way to add colour and quirkiness to your garden, and will encourage wildlife too, which is more than you can say for your average garden meerkat ornament.

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