The best gardening books for Christmas

We recommend five fantastic books to buy as Christmas presents.

1. Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit

Not a new release, but a book that will change the way you cook for ever and for the better. Segnit takes you through groups of flavours and pairs them with tastes that you would never imagine working… until you try them.  How about lamb and rhubarb? Or orange and olive? Tomato and vanilla? Blueberry and mushroom? Buy this book.

2. The London Garden Book A-Z by Abigail Willis

Who said London was a big, smoky concrete jungle? Reading this book, which runs through posh gardens to pop-ups, to guerilla gardeners and secret balconies, will make you realise how stunning and leafy and charming our capital is. It’s great for planning a whole year of days out in London. Buy this book.

3. The Weeder’s Digest by Gail Harland

A wonderful directory for foraging from our countryside, packed with surprising plants fit for a feast. This is another super offering from small publisher Green Books which encourages gardeners to make the most of the natural world around them. It is superbly practical and detailed, but nicely inspiring, too. Buy this book.

 4. James Wong’s Homegrown Revolution

What a brilliant, weighty, definitive book on growing unusual and taste-tastic fruit and vegetables! This is a cheerily-written book, with lovely illustrations and photographs. Wong introduces unusual crops, along with clever recipes and detailed growing guides. It’s a smart read and a clever Christmas present for a gardener who thinks they’ve grown everything, or for getting someone slightly edgy into gardening. Buy this book.

5. Kitchen Garden Estate by Helene Gammack

This is a sweet romp through the history of kitchen gardens using the National Trust’s wonderful portfolio of gardens. But it’s a bit more than just a history book: it lists good plants for bees, traditional recipes from National Trust properties, and techniques for creating your own kitchen garden estate in your garden. Buy this book.

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    Thanks for the list of books , I wanted to buy a gift for my neighbour for christmas, gardening book will definitely do.


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