‘Pink Banana’ squash

‘Pink Banana’ is a top-notch squash with a beautiful flavour.

One of the casualties of this year’s rubbish summer was my ‘Pink Banana’ squash plant. It only got going towards the start of September, and so I was only able to harvest immature fruits from the bush.

pink banana squash

This means that my ‘Pink Banana’ squash wasn’t really all that pink. It was more cream with green stripes that appeared on it as the skin cured in the sun.

All the same, it tasted pretty marvellous when roasted.


This is fantastically nutty squash. It has very firm flesh with a strong flavour.

pink banana squash

Because ‘Pink Banana’ has such a lovely flavour, it works really well as a feature ingredient in a dish. If that sounds a bit pretentious, all I mean is that you don’t want to bury a squash this good in a stew or a soup. So instead, I put this in a pasta dish with some caramelised onions, bacon, pesto and some smoked applewood cheese. Perfect. Now I long for next summer, when maybe I’ll have a whole bunch of pink bananas.

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  1. Caro

    This was one of my casualties last summer, too. Lovely to know that the flavour is robust as I have several regularly used recipes using squash. I’ll make sure to leave a little space for it in the veg patch next summer. BTW, If you like spaghetti squash, give Striped Pyjamas a go – it was my star veg of last summer, a big growth spurt in Sept produced several (very) large squashes.


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