Making A Big Deal of A Small Garden

With many of us downsizing, a smaller house usually inevitably means a smaller garden as well.  We’re so used to upsizing everything our whole lives, making everything bigger and better, it can come as a shock when we have less room and less space to work with than we were previously used to.  However, this change allows one to explore a different type of gardening.  Instead of a sprawling lawn you can now concentrate on the little details and create an intimate oasis in which to relax. To complement other techniques to maximise the style of your interior space, here are some ideas to make a big impact with a smaller outdoor area.


Making Less Mean More

The phrase less is more is the key when designing and working on small gardens.  A small garden gives the opportunity to focus on what is really important to you in your garden and concentrate on making the best of those things without having to add extra frills that do not perhaps interest you.  Simplicity is key and choosing a few standout features to enhance will create a better impact rather than trying to fit too much into a small space.

Gardens are about so much more than flowers and plants.  They are effectively another room in your house, albeit an exterior one, and you can take the opportunity to decorate it as such.  Garden furniture, pretty lighting, and ornamental features can all add something special to catch the eye.

Interior Ideas Outside

An easy decorative way to add a dimension of space to your garden is by placing a mirror on your garden wall.  It will not only make your outdoor room look bigger by reflecting light but it adds a great enhancing feature itself and looks very stylish!

Outdoor furniture is usually the focal point of most small gardens so it needs to be attractive.  Keep garden furniture small but functional for relaxing and entertaining purposes.  Wire furniture and table and chair sets are best for creating the illusion of space as the eye sees through them.

Just A Little Work

There are of course other potential advantages to a smaller garden, less work in upkeep required for one.  Many small gardens do not incorporate a lawned area and instead opt to simply have plants in pots or climbing foliage that do not take up much floor space.  Another idea for hosting your favourite flowers is to attach shelves for plants to the garden wall.  This feature could also be used to include herb pots into your design – providing delicious options indoors for eating and entertaining.  This is great if floor space is an issue and also brightens up an otherwise plain wall at the same time.


If you do prefer a tiled or paved garden remember that lots of small stone settings, as opposed to fewer large slabs, make the floor space appear bigger.  Use a variety of stones and gravel to make the garden look visually appealing overall and create a textually interesting space.

There is more pressure in a small garden to keep everything very neat and tidy as nothing goes unnoticed, hence why minor design details are so important.

Smaller gardens make sitting and entertaining so wonderful because every aspect is in view and can be truly taken in and appreciated.  Touches such as ambient lighting, small decorative features that would otherwise go unnoticed in a large garden, and being surrounded by selected chosen favourites (plants wise) can make the experience such an uplifting one.


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