Get growing microgreens

Microgreens are easy to grow and superbly tasty. Here are some of our favourites.

Now, I know it’s tempting to lurk inside under your duvet at this time of year and pretend that it’s not gardening time yet. Well, it is gardening time: microgardening time, to be precise. Last year as part of the salad challenge, we grew a number of microgreens. Here are the top five:

1. Lavender

lavender micro herb

An unusual, intensely-flavoured kick of a microgreen. Grow in a covered seed tray in a warm room. Scatter the leaves at the last minute over a tagine, or enjoy on cheese on toast.

2. Shiso greens

Another top-flavoured microgreen that shoots up pretty sharpish. Tastes of aniseed and works beautifully as a salad garnish or as a garnish for meat.

3. Beetroot

Not just juicy and tasty: colourful, too. Try growing ‘Bull’s Blood’ as a microgreen for the ultimate colour hit.

4. Mustard

An old classic, and perfectly peppery.

5. Coriander

Each seedling packs the flavour of five adult coriander leaves. Tasty.

For tips on how to grow microveg, here’s a guide, and here’s a longer list of salads for microgreens.

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      Hi Danielle, Yes – it’s those little seed leaves that do it: they have a stronger flavour than the true leaves.


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