Brilliant barks and berries for snowy cheer

Get some glamourous winter stars in your garden to beat the snowy misery.

Even if you can’t see a single flower, and your flowerbeds are buried beneath inches of snow, there are still plenty of plants which can still sparkle through the white stuff. Barks and berries are the way forward in this weather: here are some of our favourites.

Sorbus ‘Pink Pagoda’. Image by Rick Leche.

This isn’t the only gorgeous colour that Sorbus berries come in: oh no, the Sorbus style includes yellow, red and orange. Here are some more stunning Sorbus.

Rubus occidentalis – a beautiful berry from Kore Wild Fruit Nursery.

Rubus leucodermis – another black raspberry from Kore Wild Fruit Nursery.


Dogwood, rose, and willow. Image by Er.We

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