A berry good haul

It’s turning out to be a very good year indeed for fruit.

Even though everything is late this year, we’re getting an incredible crop of fruit. It seems to be a bumper harvest year, even if some of the timings are a little bit higgledy piggledy. This was just one day’s harvest from the allotment:


(the little black ones in the top left-hand corner are worth a post of their own: watch this space)

The redcurrant bushes were thick with flowers earlier in the year. And those flowers came good. The bowl above has the harvest from just one bush in it.

redcurrants redcurrants

As for the raspberries, well, they just keep on coming. Which is a real treat. And I’ve got a special breakfast recipe treat coming up involving the gooseberries, too.


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  1. Amy

    Luscious looking! Do you know why this year has been such a good year for berries? Is it something we can replicate next year?


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