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Smart gardeners aren’t always smart housekeepers: many of us find it rather too easy to make excuses not to do the laundry and washing up yet are more than happy to spend a couple of hours weeding a bed. But if you’ve got a smart front garden, you’ll fancy this smart house name plaque from The Cotswold Company. One lucky F&F reader will win this plaque, worth £42 and inscribed with the house name of their choice.


All you need to do is post a comment below confessing whether you’re a smart gardener and a messy housekeeper, a lazy gardener, or smart and brilliant at both gardening and housekeeping. We’ll pick a winner at random after the deadline, which is midnight, 12 September. And thanks to the Cotswold Company for supplying the prize!

166 Responses

  1. Eliza Wilder

    Messy – 2 rescue greyhounds sneaking stuff out of the bin and tracking in mud from country walks… They keep my house untidy (not me!) :)

  2. michelle bennett

    Both are a complete to[ atm. 2 ill kids and an ill hubby i just dont have time to clean


    In the gareden I’m all over it for a day or two and then for the rest of the year I’m the worst gardener in the history of gardeners…actually the same applies in the house!!

  4. Nic blake

    I aspire to be better at both constantly but pride myself with a happy home & happy children. There are years ahead to be more house & garden proud when my children have fled the nest!

  5. Louise M

    My house is under renovation. Kitchen an bathroom are stripped out so house is a mess as there’s leterally stuff everywhere. The garden, well it was tidy, until I had some chickens 6 weeks ago. They’ve virtually stripped it as they’re free range, so that now is also a mess. Oh well, the house will be tidy and lovely (I hope) once it’s done :)


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