Gooseberry fool

A tart and lovely breakfast with gooseberries and natural yoghurt.

Yum! This had to be one of the naughtiest-looking but all-good breakfasts I’d had in a long while. And it was so easy to make. All I did was microwave half a cup of gooseberries for a minute and a half the night before, then whack them in the blender with a cup of natural live set yoghurt, and hey, presto! A delicious breakfast. I didn’t add even a spoonful of sugar and the dish tasted gorgeous. I left this overnight in the fridge to set, but I probably didn’t need to.

gooseberry fool

Just to make it feel like the most exciting breakfast ever (when it was in fact just a normal Monday breakfast before a busy old day), I garnished it with a few redcurrants and a lemon balm leaf.

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