Spectacular sumach

Sumach, or Rhus typhina, looks incredible in autumn, with a rainbow of colours across its leaves.

I’ll be honest: I can’t stand Sumach, or Rhus typhina, most of the year. It’s a gangly plant with funny seedheads that look like dog poo and it suckers everywhere. I’ve never known a plant that isn’t classed as noxious that suckers so badly and in such an ugly way. But at this time of year, I realise that all the misery of having a sumach in your garden might be worth it, just for this:


Can you find a more beautiful colour range across one bract in any other plant? That’s a challenge, and I’m fairly confident you won’t meet it. Look again:


Oh, and again, for sheer fire:

rhus typhina

And just in case you’re still unconvinced, here we are, again:

sumach in autumn

But, honestly, would I let it in my garden? Probably not. I’ll just admire it over neighbours’ fences instead.

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  1. Lucy Wickes

    What a transformation, every colour on the autumn spectrum must be represented here – shame it’s only for such a short time!


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