Wild flower hour

Wild flower lovers come together to share what they’ve found this weekend.

What a joy it was to see so many of you taking part in Wild Flower Hour this week. Thank you for all of your tweets sharing what you’ve spotted this weekend. Special mention as ever to the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland for showing so much enthusiasm for this.

wild polygala calcarea

F&F’s own contribution is this rare, tiny Chalk Milkwort (Polygala calcarea), along with some other chalk grassland flowers such as Carline Thistles at Sands Bank in Buckinghamshire. More here.

And here are the highlights of what you’ve spotted this weekend:

And we had an ID request:

Multiple tweeters IDd this as water mint: do you agree?

If you are starting out spotting wild flowers, here are some books, apps and sites to help you along the way.

Wild Flower Hour takes place every Sunday at 8pm on twitter and Instagram. Just add #wildflowerhour to your tweets of photos of flowers you’ve found at any time during the week or weekend, and do join the conversation at 8pm on Sunday so that wild flower enthusiasts can find one another and learn more about our amazing native flora.


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