Abutilon ‘Red Tiger’

This year, one of my favourite plants in my garden has been my Abutilon. I bought it in April, and it is still flowering now. They are utterly marvellous plants, and I plan to grow many more. 

My plan advanced a little further yesterday when I met Leila Jackson, who holds the National Collection of Abutilons. Her giddy excitement about her plants was dangerously contagious, and it was only because she had run out of stock of her most beautiful flower, Abutilon ‘Red Tiger’, that I didn’t succumb completely. 

This, of all the Tiffany-lamp-like Abutilons, is the most beautiful. Its petals are like dragonfly wing, and the shrub itself grows tall. Living in sheltered South West London, I’ll probably get away with keeping it out in winter too, but a little protection from frost is important. 

You can buy Leila’s plants here. Just don’t buy my Abutilon ‘Red Tiger’, please. 

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