Coral-bark maple

Acer palmatum ‘Sango-kaku’ earns its keep with gorgeous autumn foliage and stunning winter bark.
kew autumn

Autumn colour at Kew

Gorgeous sights, scents and sounds make up a stunning autumn day at Kew Gardens. Real gardeners love all the...
bokashi layers pellets

Bokashi chicken feed

We try out a clever chicken feed with an ingredient to make your hens healthier and less smelly.

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Botanical food and drink

Urban gardens

image copyright Mark Ridsdill-Smith

Vertical gardening

Meet the tiny London balcony and windowsills that vertical gardener Mark Ridsdill-Smith grows an abundant harvest on.
Union street orchard

An orchard in the street

The clever people at Wayward Plants transformed an empty site in south London into the Union Street urban orchard for a summer.

Moss graffiti

Meet the London artist who tags buildings with her own green signature using moss, not spray cans.

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My garden room

So sometimes I just don't want to go into the garden. You know, when it's terribly frosty, or when the rain is...

A wildlife pond

As you know, I'm a passionate advocate of biodiverse gardening. This means recognising that you're not the only one to...