Cutting it: Matilda’s Garden

We stumbled across Matilda’s Garden, an organic cottage-garden florist, quite by accident. What a treat.
Petra, who named the business after her daughter Matilda, decided to become a florist after finding herself longing for more and more time in the garden.

The business is young – it has only been running since February 2008, but the flowers are beautiful. Petra’s endeavours are also strictly ethical and eco-friendly. “It’s a seasonal, organic, locally delivering rural business,” she says. “I also make sure there is no plastic wrapping in sight.”  

Her customers love this different approach, and tend to select “wild and natural” bouquets which differ from those available from typical florists. Petra also experiments with unusual combinations, using herbs and foliage from vegetables such as asparagus. 

Matilda’s Garden may soon be launching ‘your own plot at Matilda’s Garden’, where customers will be able to choose from a selection of seedlings which will supply them with a weekly bunch of beautiful cut flowers during harvest time.

If you’re bewitched by Petra’s beautiful photography of her flowers and garden, visit her website, where there is also a gorgeous blog of her floristry exploits.  

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