Seeds for stocking fillers

The best heritage veg seeds to give a gardener this Christmas.

1. Glass Gem Corn

Glass Gem Corn from the Seeds Trust

If you can get your hands on some seeds, this is a gift so beautiful that it deserves its own enormous box, wrapping and ribbons. Find out more about ‘Glass Gem’ corn here. And here’s a list of other beautiful brightly-coloured corn seeds that you can also buy.

2. ‘White Queen’ tomatoes

A beautiful tomato with a creamy, citrusy-flavoured flesh. Buy here.

3. ‘Golden Sweet’ mangetout

'Golden Sweet' mangetout

A wonderfully sweet, crunchy mangetout with utterly beautiful purple flowers. From the Real Seed Company.

4. Brassica oleracea ‘Crème Chantilly’

Brassica oleracea Crème Chantilly

A beautiful, white-flowered, variegated brassica. Try the Botanic Nursery for seeds.

5. Snake gourds

snake gourd flower by Anu Durairajan

Image by Anu Durairajan

First come the flowers, then come the gourds. The most beautiful flowers and the quirkiest gourds. Flowers with filigree frills on them, and gourds that look like snakes. You’d probably get someone who hates gardening growing with a packet of these seeds. Buy them here.

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