kew autumn

Autumn colour at Kew

Gorgeous sights, scents and sounds make up a stunning autumn day at Kew Gardens. Real gardeners love all the seasons, but each of us has one particular time of year that we adore the most. For F&F...
bokashi layers pellets

Bokashi chicken feed

We try out a clever chicken feed with an ingredient to make your hens healthier and less smelly.
backgarden hens

Happy hens

The hens free range in the back garden - under close supervision.
virginia creeper

Virginia creeper

The many-coloured leaves of Parthenocissus quinquefolia are looking beautiful for a fleeting few days.
corn harvest

Sweetcorn ‘Lark’

A juicy and fast-growing F1 hybrid sweetcorn called 'Lark' does well in the F&F garden.

Win: The RHS Companion to Scented Plants

This beautiful guide to fragrant flowers and foliage is one of those must-reads - and you can win it. This is a truly lovely book, and now is a truly good time to be reading it. The RHS Companion to Scented...

F&F cooks for White Stuff

We design six stunning recipes for a fabulous clothing shop. We are so excited to share our latest adventure with you. A few months ago, White Stuff got in touch and asked if we wanted to write a series of...