chrysanthemum greens

Edible Chrysanthemums

Japanese chrysanthemum leaves, or chop suey greens, are one of the best salads you can ever grow.
14 September 2014

Dream garden, 14/9/2014

Catch the latest flowers and changes in the Dream Garden. Go to the full Dream Garden Weekly page to see the garden changing throughout the year, week-by-week. 14 September...
snapdragon edible

Snapdragon canapés

Stuff edible snapdragon flowers with cheese for a stylish starter. What to do with snapdragons? These came in my Greens of Devon box*, and made a superbly stylish floral start to a meal. All I did...
spider backlit web

Autumn spiders

In the autumn, orb web spiders come out to spin their gorgeous webs.