Blooming lovely: F&F works with White Stuff

How exciting is this? We've partnered with White Stuff for their latest magalogue, Blooming Lovely, to create an exclusive botanical cocktail for them. And here it is: Here's the recipe: And you...
nettle soup

Nettle soup

Cook common garden stinging nettles in a delicious and very healthy soup.

Galeux d’eysines squash

Galeux d'eysines is a strange, tasty, warty squash. 'Ugh!' exclaimed my partner on seeing this squash for the first time. 'That's just too much!' He wasn't saying that when he ate the soft, sweet flesh of...


Dicentra, or bleeding heart, is stunning up close and good in groups. I love the dicentra on my balcony, but I'll love it even more when it's en masse in the woodlandish bit at the back of my new garden....

Rhododendron palaces

The rhododendrons are just coming into bloom. Personally, I don't much like these shrubs unless they're huge and en masse, which rules out most gardens. When I was growing up, I was lucky enough to live in a...

Win a copy of ‘Rosehips on a Kitchen Table’

Foraging is one of those lovely exercises that leaves you happy and a little more in love with nature. And cooking the spoils of your foraging is one of those lovely exercises that leaves you all full and...


Every year I change my mind about what sort of tulips I want. Just as well that now I've got an allotment, I can grow as many of them as I like. These are from a shop. But they do remind me that there is...

Fleurs et lumière

There is something incredible about the combination of the primrose-coloured spring sunshine and the papery petals of hellebores and daffodils. Look at the light coming through these flowers in a nearby...
Image by eclectic_cat

Acacia dealbata

Just when you need a lift, Acacia dealbata, or mimosa, gives it to you, with masses of heavily-scented yellow flowers.
Picture by Reginald Dierckx

White foxglove

Digitalis purpurea alba is a white foxglove: ghostly, beautiful and stylish. One of the plants I plan to spread in profusion across the woodish back of my garden is the foxglove. One of my memories from my...
Picture by Elle_Ann

Beauty berry

Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii ‘Profusion’, or the beauty berry, is one of the most stunning berry bushes you'll ever find, with bright purple fruits. I challenge you to find a berry more knockout...