helleborus torquatus 'dido'

Hillier hellebores

Three beautiful hellebore flowers from the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens.
birstall nest box

Put up a nesting box

A sturdy, low-cost nest box is all you need to encourage wildlife in your garden.
bird house

Nice nesting box

Put up a pretty cabin bird house for National Nesting Box Week.
red curly kale

Red curly kale

Red curly kale, or scarlet borecole, is a beautiful purple/blue-leaved winter vegetable with loads of flavour.
CPG-Snowdrops rated-13

Snowdrop days

Delicate snowdrops are even easier to inspect with these clever hanging installations at the Chelsea Physic Garden.
violas winter

Winter violas

Violas are such a good way of brightening up a winter garden.