chrysanthemum greens

Edible Chrysanthemums

Japanese chrysanthemum leaves, or chop suey greens, are one of the best salads you can ever grow.
14 September 2014

Dream garden, 14/9/2014

Catch the latest flowers and changes in the Dream Garden. Go to the full Dream Garden Weekly page to see the garden changing throughout the year, week-by-week. 14 September...
snapdragon edible

Snapdragon canapés

Stuff edible snapdragon flowers with cheese for a stylish starter. What to do with snapdragons? These came in my Greens of Devon box*, and made a superbly stylish floral start to a meal. All I did...
spider backlit web

Autumn spiders

In the autumn, orb web spiders come out to spin their gorgeous webs.
obelisk planting

Garden obelisks

Robust garden obelisks support some of the stars of the roof garden.