parthenocissus quinquefolia

Virginia creeper

Autumn colours and tints appear in Virginia Creeper leaves in August.
roof terrace garden

Night balcony

The roof terrace garden becomes a secret hideaway at night.
peaches and lavender

Doughnut peaches

Sweet and small doughnut peaches make a yummy pudding with yoghurt and lavender.
Passiflora 'Perfume Passion'

Passiflora panoply

Passion flowers are gorgeous, ornate flowers. Here are three varieties: P.caerulea, 'Victoria' and 'Perfume Passion'. These are three of my passion flowers in my new garden. Aren't they gorgeous?...
tumbler tomatoes

First ripe tomato

The F&F garden gets its first juicy homegrown tomatoes of the year.

Lavender lemonade

Make a gorgeous lavender-infused lemonade drink. I had a group of friends around for drinks this week, and I wanted to impress them. I'm also trying to impress F&F readers with lavender recipes for this...
ellison's orange apples

Ripening apples

The 'Ellison's Orange' espalier apple is ripening - and it's not just the F&F gardeners who are impressed.
companion planting

Companion planting

Plant beneficial and edible flowers around your vegetables to help them grow - and make your garden pretty.