Abutilon ‘Red Tiger’

This year, one of my favourite plants in my garden has been my Abutilon. I bought it in April, and it is still flowering now. They are utterly marvellous plants, and I plan to grow many more.  My plan adv...

Crystal apple cucumber

This year, one of my most successful crops has been the Crystal Apple cucumber. I bought a bunch of plug plants of this lovely fruiting vegetable, and watched it scrambling about my garden enthusiastically.&nbs...

Green tomatoes 

Today, scurrying to post a letter, I realised that The Nip had arrived. Everyone knows The Nip. It turns up unannounced on one of those fine October days when the Virginia creeper glows warm paprika and the che...

Cally Gardens

Cally Gardens is secret walled garden in Scotland packed with rare plants from around the world.
witch hazel jelena 2016

Witch Hazel

The 'Jelena' Witch Hazel is flowering again.
gold laced polyanthus beeches strain

Gold-laced polyanthus

F&F falls in love with an unusual flower: the gold-laced primula 'Beeches Strain'. Isn't this gold-laced polyanthus 'Beeches Strain' just lovely? It has such a beautiful vintage look to it, and such deli...


The snowdrops are blooming in the F&F garden.