witch hazel jelena 2016

Witch Hazel

The 'Jelena' Witch Hazel is flowering again.
gold laced polyanthus beeches strain

Gold-laced polyanthus

F&F falls in love with an unusual flower: the gold-laced primula 'Beeches Strain'. Isn't this gold-laced polyanthus 'Beeches Strain' just lovely? It has such a beautiful vintage look to it, and such deli...
field compost vegetable

Field compost

F&F improves the garden beds with a lot of good quality compost.

Stylish storage box

F&F tidies all the boots and tools away into a pretty VegTrug storage box.
galanthus nivalis 2016


The snowdrops are blooming in the F&F garden.

Wild Flower Hour 24/1

Every Sunday at 8pm, we share the wild flowers we've found using #wildflowerhour What a power shower of flowers this #wildflowerhour has been! Thank you to everyone who took part. As usual, we had experience...