The ‘Jelena’ Witch Hazel is flowering again.

Have I mentioned that I love my witch hazel? OK, so I did last year, but I think I’ll feel as though I’m falling in love for the first time every time it explodes into flower in late winter.

hamamelis jelena 2016

I’ve planted it on the steps in the garden so that I walk past it every day and catch its scent.

hamamelis mollis jelena 2016

And oh, that scent.

witch hazel petals

water droplet on witch hazel

If I could catch the scent in those water droplets and bottle them, I’d be a happy woman. Nature makes the most amazing perfumes, far better than the ones we spend oodles of money on.

witch hazel jelena 2016

Yes, I love Witch Hazel ‘Jelena’ a great deal. But I wonder whether I can find space for another witch hazel. I stumbled across this F&F gallery from 2012. And it got me thinking: why have one gorgeously-scented shrub that flowers when few other plants are, when you could have two?

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