‘Yellow Ruffled’ tomato

‘Yellow Ruffled’ is a thick-fleshed yellow heritage tomato perfect for roasting.

I’m so pleased with my tomato crop this year. Especially these ‘Yellow Ruffled’ heritage tomatoes, which are so thick-fleshed and dry that they are perfect for roasting.

yellow ruffled heritage tomatoes

These plants have cropped well: I’ve had about ten tomatoes from one bush, which is very good given their size. And they are sweet to taste as well, just a little too dry to be worth including in salads when they are so much better as cookers.

yellow ruffled tomato

I love slow-roasted tomatoes enough to make it worth using all of these for that purpose, but I do quite fancy the idea of a yellow tomato soup or pasta dish, too, just to impress guests.


But I will roast most of them – don’t forget to follow my slow-roasted tomato recipe.

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