Crystal apple cucumber

This year, one of my most successful crops has been the Crystal Apple cucumber. I bought a bunch of plug plants of this lovely fruiting vegetable, and watched it scrambling about my garden enthusiastically. 

It has a lovely scrambling habit, and because the fruits are small and light, the vine really can support them itself, unlike many squashes which grow such swollen brutes of fruits that they need your help just to hold the darned thing up. 

And what fun fruits. Just a little smaller than a tennis ball and roughly the same colour when ripe. 

Gardeners say this the whole time of their crops, but this really knocks the socks off anything you can buy in the shops. It is so juicy and sweet, almost like a crisp-flavoured melon. Eating it in a salad feels like a treat rather than a healthy chore. And given I often forgot to feed this plant, it’s a crop that doesn’t feel too much like a chore to produce, either. 

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