It’s heritage tomato harvesting season.

I’m rather chuffed with my tomato crop this year. My little patio is so sunny and sheltered that the plants have shot up, and have been cropping marvellously well. This is one day’s harvest.

tomato harvest

As I only moved here in April, I bought grafted tomato plants to get me going quickly. They are obviously more expensive than growing from seed, but I wanted to get a move on and didn’t have much time or space.

I’ve been feeding them twice a week with organic tomato fertiliser, and watering them every other day in their containers so that they do not develop problems associated with irregular watering such as blossom end rot.

caprese salad

To test out their taste, I jumbled a load of the fruits into a simple Caprese salad. There are three different tomatoes in here, and while the orange and red varieties and perfect for a salad, the yellow fruits would be much better slow-roated as they have thick, dry flesh, and very few seeds.

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  1. Cara

    Tomatoes are so easy to grow, and even if you just have a small garden space you can still grow them in a bag or large container.Whether you grow them in a bag or in the ground, tomatoes benefit from as much sun as they can possibly receive in the UK. Tomatoes will grow in partial shade although they will produce less of a crop and it will be later in the year. Tomato plants also prefer positions protected from winds. If you get a good crop, like you have you can get really creative with dishes, and salads. Surprisingly there are around 3,000 varieties of tomatoes in cultivation, so choose something you don’t find in the supermarket and get creative with different colours, shape and sizes.


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