Delicate snowdrops are even easier to inspect with these clever hanging installations at the Chelsea Physic Garden.

One of the funny things about snowdrops is that to appreciate them, you have to crouch down on the ground. And right now, the ground ain’t all that inviting. So what a clever idea from the Chelsea Physic Garden to display their snowdrops at eye level!

CPG-Snowdrops rated-14

CPG-Snowdrops rated-13

The gardens held their Snowdrop Days recently, and of course there were plenty of snowdrops growing in more conventional ways too:

CPG-Snowdrops rated-1

As well as in theatrical settings:

CPG-Snowdrops rated-12

And at eye-and-foot level:

CPG-Snowdrops rated-5 CPG-Snowdrops rated-2

The Chelsea Physic Garden really is one of the best places in London for plant addicts. Do toddle along there when you can and enjoy the magical and unusual plants.

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