Stevia leaves and vanilla make a healthy sugar-free rhubarb pudding taste great.

Now, I love sweet, sticky rhubarb as much as the next person. But I’m also doing that boring thing that you do in your early thirties when you start cutting-back-on-sugar-and-getting-a-pension. And because I still want to eat rhubarb as part of that, I’m trying to make it healthier.

roasted rhubarb

This hasn’t been quite as traumatic as I thought: I’ve got a stevia plant, which in case you hadn’t heard of this clever little herb is a natural sweetener that really does taste sugary. So I’ve been chopping up the leaves and adding them to puddings during the week so I get a a sweet hit without the sugar.

As for the rhubarb, well I roast that with the contents of a vanilla pod chucked over it, until the stalks are soft and break up easily. Then I chuck the stevia leaves into a bowl with some rhubarb and I eat it.

rhubarb stevia pudding

Sugar does make things taste nicer. But the taste of the vanilla and the stevia combined do just about make up for it mid-week when I really don’t need a big sugary pudding but just fancy something naturally sweet.

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