Brew your own herbal tea from garden plants.

I’ve grown rather addicted to fennel and nettle tea in bags from a supermarket of late. But now that I’ve got two clumps of both growing in my garden, it seems silly to keep buying it. Every gardener needs a patch of nettles, and I’ve got two small clumps that I’ve left growing behind the hen garden for my various endeavours, from compost tea to the tea I drink in my sitting room. And I have two lovely patches of bronze fennel in the long border. So I went out and trimmed off four stems of each, dropped them into a teapot of boiling water, and left to brew.


fennel and nettle tea

This tea is rather more fennel than nettle in flavour, but you could reduce the number of fennel stalks you drop in if you’d rather taste the nettle, which is sort of spinachy. As well as being a rather calming drink, it’s also not bad as a post-lunch tea to cleanse your palate, just like peppermint tea.

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