Wild flower hour

A regular round-up of what wild flower lovers have been discovering this week.

What an amazing #wildflowerhour we’ve just had! Over 50 different flowers shared from across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Two things we noticed tonight were that everyone is amazed that certain flowers are still out, with the phrase ‘still flowering’ cropping up rather a lot. And the second is that the undisputed winner of wild flower hunting from this weekend is @Barbus59, who is always great value, but especially today with a plethora of wonderful finds. Here’s our favourite from his trove of flowers today:

You can review the highlights here. If you’ve never taken part in Wild Flower Hour, it’s quite simple. People who love our native flora come together at 8pm every Sunday to share their photos on Twitter using the hashtag #wildflowerhour. It’s a growing community, thanks in no small part to the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, who you must, must, must follow here. And here are the finds from this weekend:

Wild Flower Hour takes place every Sunday at 8pm on twitter and Instagram. Just add #wildflowerhour to your tweets of photos of flowers you’ve found at any time during the week or weekend, and do join the conversation at 8pm on Sunday so that wild flower enthusiasts can find one another and learn more about our amazing native flora.

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