Wild flower hour, 3/1/16

A regular peek at what wild flower lovers have found in bloom.

It may be wet and miserable out there, but there are still flowers! And if you want proof, look at what we all shared during last night’s lovely #wildflowerhour. We ended up trending in the UK at one point.

To be fair, many of these flowers shouldn’t really have been out at this time of year. And to get an even better picture of what’s flowering, the BSBI have been compiling their data on their wonderful #newyearplanthunt. You can read the blogs they’ve published on it so far here.

Don’t forget to share your favourite wild flower books – here are ours – and we now have a special wild flowers page on F&F, dedicated to botany lovers everywhere.

Wild Flower Hour takes place every Sunday at 8pm on twitter and Instagram. Just add #wildflowerhour to your tweets of photos of flowers you’ve found at any time during the week or weekend, and do join the conversation at 8pm on Sunday so that wild flower enthusiasts can find one another and learn more about our amazing native flora.

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