Old wild flower books

Two old books are full of wild flower treasure.

A few months ago, we shared our favourite books and apps for identifying wild flowers as part of #wildflowerhour. Most of them were quite bright and new. But what about old favourites?

I’ve got these lovely older books that I use quite a lot: the Observer’s Book of Wild Flowers (this edition was printed 1969), and the Collins Pocket Guide to Wild Flowers (published 1958).

observers book of wildflowers collins pocket guide


They’re from second hand book shops, and though they don’t have photos in them (shock, horror), they have the most beautiful illustrations:

illustrated wildflower guide old wildflower book

Both boast that some of their illustrations are in colour. But their line drawings and black-and-white plates are just as useful:

old collins wild flower book

I love these books, which are perfectly good at teaching basic botany and inspiring you to find new flowers.

What are your favourite wild flower books, young and old?

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