Cor, courgettes!

The courgette glut reaches its glorious peak.

My gardening methods this year have been a little unconventional, as you know. I planted these ‘Midnight’ courgettes at the allotment a couple of weeks before deciding that I couldn’t handle the plot and my massive new garden and do a full-time job. So I moved them back down to the garden, where they’ve been fruiting away.

courgette harvest

Eagle-eyed readers might have spotted that one of those courgettes doesn’t look like it should be called ‘Midnight’. Well done you: this is a yellow variety handed to me over the fence by a friendly neighbour who was desperate to offload them. He got some eggs in return. When we all grow too desperate to accept more courgettes, I’ve advised him to try my courgette pasta or a stuffed marrow for when things get truly glut-ish.

‘Midnight’, which I got from Brookside Nurseries, is a good, strong courgette variety. It produces loads of fruits, but then so do all courgettes, and there always comes a point in the season when you wonder whether that abundance is a good thing.

mixed courgettes

I think it is, because I’ve developed enough methods over the years to cope with a glut, and I always have city dweller friends who think that a couple of courgettes is the coolest present you can ever give (little do they know that it’s not generosity that drives me).


And even though I moan, I know I’ll be growing these again next year. Because the definition of gardening is doing the same thing every year and getting the same results, isn’t it?

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