Stuff edible snapdragon flowers with cheese for a stylish starter.

What to do with snapdragons? These came in my Greens of Devon box*, and made a superbly stylish floral start to a meal.

snapdragon canapes

All I did was to stuff a cube of feta in the mouth of the snapdragon. I could have done it with anything, and made it more complicated if I wanted: some herbed mozzarella, for instance. But I was in a hurry to show off with these canapés, and they did the trick very well.

snapdragon canape

I did notice that the yellow flowers did taste a little bit better than the pink ones. And the main barrier, really, was just getting people to eat them. Once they did, they loved them, but there is still a strange and inexplicable resistance to eating flowers, which after all are just as important a bit of a plant as salad leaves or tomato fruits.

* I did make all the recipes in my Greens of Devon series over a couple of days, just in case you wondered. But I thought I shouldn’t bombard F&F readers with all of them at once. Here they all are, in case you did fancy a floral fandango.

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