Beautiful hellebores, or Lenten Roses, are flowering.

The mild winter has brought out my Helleborus orientalis rather early. I’m certainly not complaining: they look magnificent and give me so much joy every day as I trot up to the chicken coops to let the birds out.

double magenta helleborus

I love these double magenta hellebores, not least because they’re from my mother’s garden and lived for a little while on my balcony in between house moves. Now that they’re in their perfect semi-shaded woodland setting, they’re settling in terribly nicely.

double magenta hellebore

Even deeper and richer than the double magenta hellebores are the ‘Smokey Blue’ ones, which I got from Gardening Express.

smokey blue with double hellebores smokey blue with double hellebores

Both of these pictures are a good reminder of how well hellebore flowers age. They still look beautiful even when the blooms are spent.

double pink hellebore

This double pink spotted hellebore is probably my favourite at the moment.

double white spotted hellebore

But it’s a tough contest, with a double white spotted rival nearby too.

cottage hellebore cottage hellebore

And after I planted them as little seedling plugs in 2014, these hellebores, which were part of a cottage garden mix from Victoriana Nursery, are finally flowering too.

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