Gold-laced polyanthus

F&F falls in love with an unusual flower: the gold-laced primula ‘Beeches Strain’.

Isn’t this gold-laced polyanthus ‘Beeches Strain’ just lovely? It has such a beautiful vintage look to it, and such delicate, bright flowers.

gold laced polyanthus beeches strain

I was sent this in a pack from Barnhaven Primroses, who wanted me to review some of their new primulas along with their old favourites. Well, this is the first in flower, and I’m pleased to say that I love it.

beeches strain gold laced polyanthus

This comes as rather a surprise to me, as for most of my life, I’ve presumed that I don’t like any primulas at all, except for wild cowslips and primroses. But here I am, growing very different flowers in the same family and feeling rather merry about it.

gold-laced polyanthus

I suspect that my change of heart has come about because I was unfairly prejudiced against other primulas by those rather naff bright purple and red ones that you can buy everywhere, from petrol stations to supermarkets. A few years ago, though, I noticed that I was rather fond of those dusky pink hybrids that you find growing among wild primroses in people’s gardens. They look so dainty en masse under the hazel catkins in a friend’s garden that I couldn’t stop adoring them.

And now I find that I’m trying all sorts of other flowers in the same family. I’ll let you know how my conversion goes.

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  1. Aimee

    Because of my passion for flowers I grow various kinds of them in front of my house. My marvelous plants need much of garden care and maintenance which I am able to provide. I must confess that this flower is different from others- it looks like a drawing. I am grateful that you showed me such a beauty.

    Thank you for sharing!


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