Fantastic Mr Frost

Frost is a good, beautiful thing at this time of year, especially when it’s on a gorgeous ornamental cabbage.

Hoorah, a frost! Finally. As I’ve explained before, frost is, in gardening terms, a very good thing indeed. And lo and behold when I got up this morning, there it was, looking gorgeous on the balcony and across the neighbouring gardens.

And could you find a better plant to make frost look really beautiful than the ornamental cabbage?

ornamental cabbage  ornamental cabbage


This is the ornamental cabbage ‘Northern Lights Rose’, which I planted towards the end of last year.

ornamental cabbage ornamental cabbage ornamental cabbage

Now, you think you’ve seen beautiful? Try the white ornamental cabbage.

ornamental cabbage

Oh, and what about a blushing ornamental cabbage?

ornamental cabbage

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  1. Sheds Direct

    Stunning photos absolutely stunning. I love the frosty mornings walking the dog with steaming breath and the crunch under foot. I love it.


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