rosemary and blueberry cocktails

Fabulously fruity cocktails

Gluts of berries don't last very long at all in my house. But if I do have a few that I haven't eaten while harvesting, the best way of using them up is to do some berrylicious boozing, which I've done with the...
peashoot cocktail

Pea cocktail

You might be surprised to learn that peashoots make a fabulous and sweet cocktail. Here's the recipe.

Two boozy posts on gardengrab

Making boozy drinks from the garden is our new big thing. And it turns out, looking at the entries on gardengrab, that we're not the only gardeners who love a botanical tipple. Here are two fabulous such posts.
gooseberry and elderflower cocktail

Gooseberry and elderflower cocktail

Thought you couldn't get a better combination than gooseberry and elderflower? You can. It involves gin and is part of our new series on booze from the garden.