Pea cocktail

You might be surprised to learn that peashoots make a fabulous and sweet cocktail. Here’s the recipe.

It’s at about this time of year that I get a bit, well, bored of eating peashoots. I’m so disloyal: these salads have been my friends all the year long, through the cold winter months and lean early spring, and now I repay them by wishing I didn’t have so many growing on the balcony.

peashoot cocktail

Which is why this lovely late summer cocktail is so perfect. It tastes fabulous and looks slightly evil. And it’s sort of good for you, too.


50ml gin
70g peashoots
50ml water
1 tumbler of crushed ice
Teaspoon of sugar
Teaspoon of lemon

1. Blend the peashoots with the water until they form a smooth dark green liquid.

2. Place all the ingredients together in a cocktail shake and shake vigorously until well-mixed.

3. Drink.

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  1. Bria

    You are much more highly evolved than I am when it comes to pea shoots–I’ve only recently discovered that they are lovely to eat in salads. This cocktail sounds so wonderful and fresh!


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