The food at The Pig Hotel in the New Forest comes from its own walled kitchen garden. We’ve seen some stunning walled gardens in our time at F&F, but few are put to as good a use as this walled kitchen garden at The Pig Hotel in Brockenhurst in the New Forest. Kitchen_Garden_at_Sunset This garden doesn’t just have all the elements of a beautiful kitchen plot – neat, straight rows of lush veg, trained fruit around the beds and on the walls as well as herbs and flowers. It also supplies the hotel kitchens, and the rest of the food they serve comes from within a 25 mile radius of The Pig, too. Chef James Golding and kitchen gardener Oliver Hutson work together on giving the hotel guests a truly delicious homegrown experience.



See these radish pods?


Here’s where they come from:

Radish_Pods Kitchen_Garden (2) In_the_garden Yellow_Onions Tobacco_Onions   They also like to use edible flowers and foraged food as part of their menu. Guests can also go foraging as part of their visit, either in local hedgerows for wild salads and vegetables in the spring or for berries and fungi in the autumn. Trips to the coast see guests gathering seaweed and shellfish. Foraging Raspberries In all, The Pig’s land is an acre of kitchen garden, greenhouse and fruit garden where they grow aubergines, asparagus, artichokes, beetroot, spinach, courgette flowers, marigolds, blueberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, gooseberries, pineberries, kiwis, rainbow and ruby chard, pumpkins, peaches, runner beans, french beans and chillis. Red_Beet Wasabi And there are quails, chickens and pigs (the pigs are pets and not for eating). Our_Quails Venus_Flytraps Tatchbury_Farm_Black_Pudding_&_Hampshire_Duck_Egg Kitchen_Garden Kitchen_Garden (4) Exterior_of_THE_PIG You can visit The Pig’s website here.

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