St James’s vegetable patch

Guess where this is? Ok, so the title of the post might have given you a big fat clue that this gorgeous little cottage with an ever-so-romantic garden isn’t at the foot of a hill in the Cotswolds, but in the beating heart of London.

This is the vegetable patch and cottage garden in the birdkeeper’s cottage in St James’s Park, Westminster, and ever time I sneak home through the parks as a treat, I stop and peer at the espaliered cherries, the lines of potatoes, the currants, the chard, the delphiniums and the lettuces.

If I actually took my lunchbreaks (rather than hunching over my desk and trying not to spill hoi sin sauce into my keyboard), this is where I’d spend them, just staring at this gorgeous cottage garden, forgetting for just a moment that behind it is the surging, dirty traffic of Parliament Square and the madness of Whitehall.

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  1. Ena Ronayne

    While living in London in the ’80’s I frequently walked through St James Pk as I worked in the vicinity and I never spotted this little gem. Only gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Will make a point of visiting when next in London!

    Ena Ronayne


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