Urban meadows at the Chelsea Fringe

In the first of our bumper series of posts this week and beyond on the amazing Chelsea Fringe Festival, we meet two urban meadow projects in London.

The Chelsea Fringe is in its first year as a cooler, urban little sister to the Chelsea Flower Show. Really, it’s the perfect festival for F&F readers, with its emphasis on growing against the odds in an urban setting and brightening up slightly weary parts of the capital.

Hogarth Roundabout Meadows at the Chelsea Fringe

The Hogarth Roundabout Meadows are just one example of the fantastic creativity in our capital, and a desire from the people living there to bring flowers to the tens of thousands of drivers who whizz past what was once a gloomy section of the A4.

Hogarth Roundabout Meadows at the Chelsea Fringe

Transport for London gave permission to the growers to plant bulbs and seeds which will be in bloom from April to November. You can find out more about the project through its Fringe profile.

Meadow up your street project at the Chelsea Fringe

The Meadow up Your Street project brings flowers even closer to home with plantings along residential streets in Kingston and Islington.

Meadow up your street project at the Chelsea Fringe

River of Flowers, which aims to create beautiful floral wildlife havens in the city by encouraging more and more people to sow flowers in their front gardens, runs the project. You can get directions to these street meadows via the project’s fringe profile.

The Chelsea Fringe runs until 10 June 2012. You can find out more about all the open gardens and events on the Fringe’s website.

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  1. linda

    just fab post and given me an idea for one of my borders and for waste grass jusy out side my house

  2. Lauren

    The wildflowers are stunning and such a simple idea to get people interested in plants and wildlife, wish I could go see some of the places mentioned but I live in Leeds so a bit of trek just to see flowers!

    P.S: I’m loving all the post recently, it’s great to see some the gardens from the Chelsea Flower Show up close 🙂


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