Make a beautiful gin and tonic with elderflower cordial and floral ice cubes.

It’s Monday, so what you really, really need now is a floral gin and tonic. This isn’t just pretty. It tastes lovely too.

floral ice cubes

You will need gin, tonic, edible flowers and elderflower cordial.


Here is my recipe for cordial.

The night before, make floral ice cubes. Simply drop edible flowers or edible flower petals into ice cube trays that have already been filled with water, and freeze. I used borage, sweet rocket flowers, dianthus, violas and rose petals from the packages sent to me by Greens of Devon.

floral ice cubes

Leave the cubes to freeze, and drop them into your glass when you serve up the G&T. Mix to your own preference, then drop a tablespoon of elderflower cordial in there too, and drink up. The ice cubes, which look stunning with a flower floating in them anyway, will slowly melt and leave real flowers in your drink.


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