Herbalicious omelette

Tarragon adds a lovely twist to a simple omelette.

I made a scrummy chorizo and smoked applewood cheese omelette the other day. This is not hugely interesting to gardeners, although it was of great interest to my tastebuds. But what was interesting was that I used a sprinkling of a secret herb that made the omelette really special.

tarragon omelette

I have two lovely tarragon plants growing on the balcony, and chopped a handful of leaves from them. About two minutes after I’d poured the egg mixture into the pan, I scattered the tarragon leaves over the still liquid mix, and allowed it to cook.

tarragon omelette

Tarragon is normally a chicken herb, but I’ve always found that it adds a really lovely bite to egg and cheese dishes as well. Do try it some time on an omelette for a special flavour.

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  1. Karen

    Will try this, as a veggie I was just wondering what to try tarragon with and I just picked some on the allotment today by coincidence.


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