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16 August

16 August

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So I’ve been a little self-indulgent this weekend. After complaining last week that there were too many gaps in the herbaceous border, I decided to just mosey my way through the garden centre, just in case there was anything on offer.

asiatic and oriental lillies

Rather a lot, it turns out. These pots of oriental and asiatic lilies were so reduced that buying them in full bloom was cheaper than buying bulbs. So I bought them all.

lilies car boot

As you can see from the top photo, the latest update of the dream garden, the red asiatic lilies have gone into the herbaceous border as I’d realised while mulling my gappy border problem that what would really lift it in late summer would be warm, rich colours, and deep red seemed like a great idea.

late summer artichoke asiatic lily red artichoke macro

I still want some rich red and yellow dahlias, and perhaps also some more yellow rudbeckia, but that’s for next year… unless I find more plants reduced in the garden centre.

I do already have lilies on the patio, but now I’ll have them all around the garden.

grand lilies

16 August critique

Still more late summer colour needed. Everywhere. And thick leafiness in the herbaceous border.

Veg patch is bare. We harvested all our potatoes last week and now have a big gap. Autumn and winter veg have been sown.


Keep those ideas on how to improve the dream garden coming: I take all of them on board (even the ones I then decide to disagree with). And tweet @fennelandfern with pictures from your own gardens too. I’ll add them below.

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