Wild Flower Hour

A regular round-up of what wild flower lovers have been discovering this week.

All the best events come with a little suspense. For tonight’s #wildflowerhour, Oisín Duffy saved up a bunch of photos of his field trip with the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland especially, but decided to tease us a little about the haul he’d found. As you’ll see below, it was worth the wait.

Here’s F&F’s own contribution: white dead nettle (Lamium album) in our woodland patch – and this Cuckoo Pint.

dead nettle

And here are the highlights of our busiest #wildflowerhour tonight, starting with a species few of us will ever see:

Wild Flower Hour takes place every Sunday at 8pm on twitter and Instagram. Just add #wildflowerhour to your tweets of photos of flowers you’ve found at any time during the week or weekend, and do join the conversation at 8pm on Sunday so that wild flower enthusiasts can find one another and learn more about our amazing native flora.

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