Purple potatoes

‘Blue Danube’ and ‘Vitelotte’ are purple-skinned heritage potatoes.

Look, blue potatoes!

purple potatoes

This is part of the harvest from the potatoes I planted earlier this year. They’re pretty, no?

The most striking in this clutch are the purple-skinned potatoes, and there are two varieties of those, Blue ‘Danube’ and ‘Vitelotte’.

purple potato

The potato on the left is ‘Blue Danube’, and the potato on the right is ‘Vitelotte’. They may have different-coloured flesh, but their texture is rather similar: dense and not easy to crumble. We added them to a beef stew to surprise a friend who was eating with us one evening. The ‘Vitelotte’ was a little more prolific in producing tubers, though our soil is utterly dreadful and so our potato crop hasn’t been huge this year, save for one type, which I shall blog about tomorrow.

Planting potatoes does improve your soil though as you introduce a great deal of compost for the earthing-up process. Our potato crop has been good enough for the two of us, but more importantly, really, it has left the vegetable patch looking a little less chalky and a little friendlier for a new crop.

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